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Get Hitched, Give Hope…the Recap 2008

Last year’s event was an incredible success. We raised $30,000 and had SO much fun doing it!


There was  so much going on – live music by Jason Parker Quartet, DJ mixed music by Brian Dale of Wavelength Music, cocktails & appetizers provided by The Arctic Club, a photo-booth by Kate McElwee, the event was hosted by the fabulous Brooke & Monti from the Ladies room, Mark from the Stokes Auction group was our amazing auctioneer (everyone loved him!), photos from the evening by Jeff LaPlante and BEST of all we raised $30,000 for Brides Against Breast Cancer & The Making Memories Foundation.

Here’s the amazing full-page write-up about the event in Seattle Metropolitan magazine:


You can also read more on the recap by clicking these links below – OR just google us (we are SO cool!)

Jeff LaPlante

NW Source – Alison Brownrigg

Divine Confections

Married & More with Michelle

Barbie Hull

Sweet Pea Events

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