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The Bride Diet

Ladies, you may think you have a lot to gain by losing – but the latest trends may make you think again.

A bride on a feeding tube - via New York Times

We’ve all heard about some form of “the bride diet”. We joke about it. We stress about it. We ask our friends how they’re doing it. We justify it, because we want to look the best on our big day!


We need to get a grip.


The recent New York Times article “Bridal Hunger Games” highlighted a number of fad diets and weight loss programs that seem to be all the rage with brides desperate to shed pounds before their weddings – whether months ahead of the big day or just a few weeks. Cleanses, hormone injections, vitamin pills and…feeding tubes?! Yep, these extreme diets are all part of the modern bride’s path to the altar.


Let’s face it, shopping for a wedding gown isn’t easy! According to a 2007 study, 70% of engaged women wanted to lose weight, around 20 pounds (and we would bet this statistic probably hasn’t changed much in the past 5 years). And with good reason – wedding gown sizing can be a psychological shock to shopping brides. Many women are surprised to see that “a typical size 8 [wedding dress] will be a 10 or a 12”, says the marketing director of Kleinfeld Bridal.


But savvy girls know that fast-track dieting isn’t the best for our bods. Fad diets such as the Master Cleanse (introduced in 1976, by the way!) can have a harmful effect on our systems because they claim to cleanse toxins from the body, but are essentially a laxative and not a long-term solution. As Dr. David Gorski, associate professor of surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit, notes, “Do you notice they never tell you what the toxins actually are?”


So rather than a crash course dieting on the way to “I do”, start thinking about healthy ways to get your gorgeous self feeling fabulous for your big day! We’ve compiled a list of some of our faves.


Bar Method

Love dance? Live to get lean? The Bar Method is perfect for our downtown OR Eastside brides, with locations in South Lake Union and Redmond. The workout uses the principles of isometrics combined with dance conditioning, physical therapy and interval training to reduce body fat, improve posture and create strong abdominals (hello, fab abs!).

Fly Fitness

Um, who wouldn’t love “Biking to Britney”?! Kirkland’s Fly Fitness makes getting fit fun with themed classes, boot camps and spinning – and these ladies like to end their workouts with a glass of wine at the Woodmark Hotel’s Beach Cafe. Can you say, “motivation”?!


Pure Barre

Capitol Hill’s Pure Barre gets your booty (and the rest of you) in shape using ballet principles and motivating music! Clients see results in just 10 classes and can lose inches, and it’s perfect for brides who are looking for a low-impact, high-result workout.


Urban Yoga Spa

Our favorite hot yoga spot in Seattle is Urban Yoga Spa, offering power vinyasa and hatha classes for beginners and experienced yogis alike. We love the sleek studio and variety of classes – plus unlimited yoga packs and plenty of class offerings make working out on your schedule totally convenient.


Urban Yoga Spa

Full Circle Farms

While you’re working out, keep your fridge full of healthy, organic options from Full Circle Farms, delivering a fresh box of produce to your doorstep weekly! If you don’t know what a leek is or how to cook kale, the Full Circle Farms blog has recipes for the kitchen-challenged (and making dinner with your love can be a perfect way to create a new date night!).


Lose It! App

Since your phone is in your hand 24/7 with all this wedding planning anyway, may as well keep yourself motivated by logging your exercise and intake! Lose It! is a digital dieting tool to help you keep track of your calories on the go. With apps for iPhone and Android, plus a great website, you’ll be able to enter your goal weight and watch your progress as your wedding approaches. Plus, you can add friends so you and your bridesmaids can keep each other accountable and send encouraging messages!


Finally, keep this in mind: he asked you to spend the rest of your life with him at the size you are right now. If you want to look amazing for your wedding day, just remember that you already are, and walk with confidence down that aisle.



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