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Meet our Vollunteer Coordinator :: Nicholle Chandler of Skagway Mining Co.

An event like ours wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for volunteers…. literally would not happen. Seeing that we are all volunteers. That is what these team member posts are all about. A way to say thanks to all the fabulously giving and kind hearted, hard working team members that make GHGH better each and every year.

Well, Nicholle is one of the ones that has been here since the beginning! She not in the industry, and she doesn’t even call Seattle home. This amazing woman owns a business in Skagway, Alaska called Skagway Mining Co.  Seeing that Skagway is a tiny town in Alaska, and business runs around the schedules of the Alaskan cruises, Nicholle finds herself spending time in Seattle helping us coordinate all the day of volunteers that help the big event succeed every year.

Nicholle helps keep all the volunteers coordinated so that the event runs without a hitch, and we couldn’t do it without her!

photo credit : Barbie Hull Photography

Interested in just what makes Nicholle tick? Check out our team interview below!

What do you do for GHGH and how long have you been involved?
I started out as a volunteer with GHGH the very first year and then took on the role as Volunteer Coordinator.
What brought you to GHGH?
Fall and winter are my “down time” from work, so I have a lot of free time on my hands to volunteer and give back.  When Barbie told me about what GHGH does, I thought it was the coolest idea and wanted to get involved as much as I could.
What is your favorite part of your experience with GHGH?
The giving.  I love working with such awesome people, giving our time and energy, (and $) to such a tremendously important cause.
What is your favorite part of the wedding industry?
I’m not in the wedding industry.  But I will say that if I get… wait… no, WHEN I get married I will have some of the best connections and my wedding will be off the hook!!
You own  Skagway Mining Company in Skagway, AK. What drew you to your job?
It was basically set in my lap.  My business partner offered me a job, and helped me to be able to own it with him.  I’m a very lucky lady.  I don’t know how this happened to me.
 Do you have any insider secrets to tell our brides to make their planning / enjoying of their wedding easier?
Always have a bride emergency kit.  You never know when you’ll need super glue or lint sheets.  Be prepared!

Tell us the most unique thing you saw at a wedding / were asked to do for a wedding?

I’ve been in five weddings.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride! The best wedding I ever went to was my sisters.  Not one thing went wrong, and if did, it was never told.  She had a great slide show of their lives, amazing dancing, and a great photographer, Barbie Hull.  The best was the trolley after the ceremony that took us through our tiny Alaskan town.  We had a blast!

Are you married? And if you are, what was your favorite part of your wedding or what would you have done differently?
I’m not married.  Know of any single, good looking, mid 30’s men, who work from home, such as book writers, graphic designers, etc, that want to live in Alaska for 6 months and travel in the winters with me?  If so, call me.
What color shoes do you plan to wear to this year’s event?


Good question.  Considering the theme, my dress will probably be the most different dress I will ever buy, but I’m so excited.  Shoe color?  Sparkly.

 Thanks Nicholle!

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