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Groomsmen Gifts: A Perspective

I think if we can all agree on anything related to wedding planning, it’s that men have it much easier than women. We just want the girl of our dreams to be happy: her color scheme, her flowers, etc. Done.

Sure, we care that the food is good, there’s an open bar and a particular Journey song makes the playlist. But it’s your her day and she’s probably way more detail oriented than you’ll ever be. Let’s face it, she’s been dreaming about this day since childhood and you’ve been having nightmares about the cost since you proposed.

Our biggest responsibilities are to save her from herself – serving as a rational voice backing her down from cursing out a vendor/family member the occasional ledge when stressed – and to remind her that there is a “budget.” However, there is one area where the groom’s opinion is the only opinion that matters: gifts for his groomsmen.

While no boy, in the history of boys, ever grew up dreaming of the perfect gift he’d give his best dudes when he got married, it can be a fun exercise. Here are the basics to keep in mind, it:

  • Must recall memories of your wedding when used
  • Should be ceremonial but also practical
  • Is something he wouldn’t necessarily purchase for himself
  • Can be monogrammed (this is a bonus, NOT a requirement)

With those basics serving as the framework for your search through every department store, boutique and gadget shop, here are a few options to consider (in no particular order):

  • Pocket watch – if for no other reason than to use the line “uh dude, it’s called a timepiece.”
  • Leather-bound flask – to seize those moments when classiness and discretion collide.
  • Cufflinks – distinctive and separates the men from the boys at any black tie affair.
  • Tie & pocket square – admittedly biased but ensures proper coordination with color scheme and bridal party, which you’ll appreciate in the photos later.
  • Wine set – deep down you know you’re doing them (and their bar setup) a favor with this one.

Of course, depending on your budget and your friends’ tastes, you can also up the ante with a bottle of fine liquor, small wine fridge or even a humidor with cigars.

Either way, whether you choose one gift for all or individual gifts for each of your best dudes, the more important decision was picking the right guys to flank you on your wedding day. While they may have given you a hard time about taking the leap, they’ll be the first to remind you how lucky you are to be marrying your best friend.

If all else fails, think of the perfect groomsmen gift as being like the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with – timeless and worthy of others’ admiration.

Post by Chris Dougherty, GHGH PR Team Member

September 26, 2012 - 1:51 am

Mortisha Brown - When we’re shopping for the gifts to be given away for the groomsmen, we saw this vintage flask in silver color with an engraved name on it. We learned that it can be personalized so the moment my husband knew it, he immediately bought many.

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