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Not Your Regular Bridal Show – What Makes GHGH Different

There are so many decisions to make when you’re first starting out down the wedding adventure.

Budget? People involved? Families involved? And THEN you get to the set-in-stone decisions like venue, caterer, photographer, etc. How do you even get started? Where do you even turn to get your list of possibilities going? You might say, “Wedding show!” Or, you might not think that a wedding show is your thing, and you need new ideas to fall from the sky.

Let me tell you what, searching online gets you ten times as many answers as a wedding show, but with less accessible contact to the vendors. So… really, answers falling from the sky would be GREAT. Unfortunately, that’s not the way that it works (deep sigh).

So let’s go with the wedding show idea.

I went to one in a convention center once, as a bridesmaid, and it was HUGE. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around how many options were there, what time the shows were, how to even find what I wanted to see, let alone how to get the attention of the inundated vendor at the booth. Some brides find the shows exhilarating and a must-do when it comes their turn. You can, in fact, get pretty great deals, if you are a quick decision-maker and you book with a vendor at the show. I’m an amazingly fast decision maker, but even I can’t process that many offers/prices/people who want my money!

And then, then my friends, I went to Get Hitched Give Hope.

Get Hitched Give Hope Seattle Bridal Show and Gala

Images from 2012 GHGH ~ photo credit : La Vie Photography 

I went as a bride.

I went prepared to make decisions.

I went ready to spend money.

And honestly, I went prepared to run screaming out the door. But boy, was I wrong!

I walked into a party that was lavish, well thought out, comfortable, and didn’t make my groom-to-be want to hide in a dark room.

Why was it different, you ask? Less people, less vendors, and a less cut throat vibe.

Why is it good to have less vendors? Well, if you’re like me and you research everything you do online before you buy, the team puts up all of the packages and vendors before you get there so that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting from EXACTLY what vendor. You can email them questions. You can even walk up and say hi to them, because chances are that they will actually have time to talk to you.

Just got engaged and have no idea what you want yet? Or have a few vendors but you’re still working down your list of appointments to make? GHGH gives you the fun ideas, the vendor options, and the party setting so that you can take the time to talk with your honey before you put money down. What’s even better is the money you’re using to purchase your packages goes to the Dream Foundation. I’m not sure it gets much better than that.

I went to GHGH with my groom-to-be and a few of our friends and we ended up winning a few of the raffle items, a wine tour, and a reception package that still knocks my socks off. I didn’t even know, really, how awesome the package would be when we started bidding. But I sure do now that the wedding is getting super close! Even our friends, who are already married, had a great time.

So if you’re like me and the thought of a bridal show makes you want to run and hide, think again about GHGH. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the number of people who are there to give, give, give, and have a great time doing it. Come be a giver this year! Tickets are now on sale! 



~ Sarah


photographed by barbie hullSarah is our new Wedding Wednesday blogger. She is one of our fabulous giver brides from 2012 who walked into Get Hitched Give Hope with the intent on getting married in Jamaica in 2014, and walked out with packages and vendors she fell in love with, and a new plan for a fall 2013 Seattle wedding. Sarah will be bringing us thoughts on the wedding industry and wedding planning from the perspective of a bride who isn’t the traditional “been dreaming of my wedding since I was five” type of girl.


photo by Barbie Hull 

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