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Bigger Weddings Aren’t Always Better

I know this might sound crazy, but the guest list was probably one of the easiest parts for my hubby-to-be and me. We both put my feet down super early about who would be invited and who wouldn’t. Haven’t seen or heard from you in years? Don’t know anything about you other than you might have once known my parents? Nope. Nope. Nope.

I hear from other brides things like: “There were so many people there that I didn’t even get to say hello to them all.” Or, “I got stuck talking to someone I didn’t even know when all I wanted was to eat.” Or even, “I really wish I had managed to get more time with my best friends that day.”

So instead of looking at our Facebook friends lists, family trees, and phone contacts to see how many people we could possibly invite we took a different route. We sat down and said, “Who would I be truly crushed about if they weren’t there? Who do I see all the time? Who makes a difference in our lives together as a couple?” That list got up to about 80ish people. Not bad, right? In terms of Seattle wedding vendors, that number is SMALL. And that made us really happy.

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Over time, we did end up adding a few more people, mostly parents of friends and other family members, so it was worth it to add them. Grand total, 95 people got invited. And in the cocktail hour between the ceremony and dinner, I know that I can make it around to that many people, hug them, connect with them, and share our special day with them.

In exchange for those extra people, who I probably wouldn’t have time to chat with anyway, we had more freedom with our budget to spend it on things like Get Hitched Give Hope packages and raffle tickets, which landed us our amazing flower, cake, DJ, and design vendors.

So my advice is, make your guest list count. Make it so that you couldn’t live without the people you invite and then no matter how big the list is, it’ll be everyone that needs to be there.

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