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A Final Toast to 10 years and Nearly A Million Dollars



Our goal of making a powerful difference and bringing our community together has been realized; our baby has grown. With a sparkly tear in our eye, we fondly remember Get HitchedGive Hope, as we’re officially closing after raising nearly a million dollars for charity over the last decade. Hope Chest at Axis on April 8th will be our final event.

While we celebrate the completion of GHGH these final months, congratulate each other on our new projects, and reminisce about all we’ve accomplished, let’s take a look back!

It was fall of 2007, and a handful of us were sitting at the local wine bar in Queen Anne. Our veins were coursing with creative inspiration and hearts were yearning with the need for community. We had no idea the magnitude of the journey we were about to embark on, but we knew that we were jazzed and ready to create something supremely awesome; something where everyone could feel welcome and do something greater as a team than what one single person could do by themselves. So, we brainstormed (oh did we ever!!), poured over articles and instructions into the wee hours of the morning, and filled out form after government form, making our baby who we lovingly (and tongue-tieingly) named Get HitchedGive Hope.

Fast forward to present day 2018, where we’ve had time to reflect on the last 11 years: time to celebrate, time to appreciate, and time to honor those who we’ve raised all of this money for.

We celebrate the skills that we’ve each acquired when we were challenged to make a volunteer-run non-profit organization actually work. We congratulate the businesses that have flourished while networking around their work in Get HitchedGive Hope. The friendships we’ve built while working together on teams are deeply cherished. We humbly recognize the sweat, tears (not kidding!), and volunteer work sprints into the wee hours of the morning, while our own businesses and families sat patiently by in support of something bigger than us, something more than just one.

We are ever-so-thankful for the resources given by hundreds of event industry partners, board members, and longest-standing team members year after year, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. The thankless jobs of hanging lights, editing imagery, keeping the music pumping, announcing the totals, inputting alllllll the data, and housing and staffing our events couldn’t have been done without a momentous amount of help from our friends. In fact, we’ve had so much support that we were able to create not one, but three events: our fancy-pants bridal auction and gala, a wedding-focused rummage sale called Hope Chest, and our just-for-funsies beer fest, Hope Brew. To say that our community is awesome is an understatement; it is full of philanthropic givers who will stop at nothing to make an event a screaming success. And they do it together.

But mostly, we will always remember meeting sparkling Sarah, whose last dream was to attend just one Broadway musical. We will reminisce talking late at night with Jim the romantic, who wanted a to take his wife to Hawaii to feel the sand and sea for the last time. We will always hold dear the memory of delivering an actual dream in person: to Lorri and Steve so they could go to the Oregon coast to fly kites, eat chocolates, and relive their honeymoon just one more time.

Our final bids have been placed, the final party has been thrown, and our parting GetHitchedGive Hope toast is this:

Please join us in raising a glass to the hundreds of volunteers, countless event vendors and sponsors, and thousands of brides, grooms, and donors who have given generously over the years to support those in their time of need. Your enthusiasm, drive, and generosity has made the last decade an unforgettable time in all of our lives, and we couldn’t have created such an amazing organization and without your support. Cheers to YOU!

*queue confetti cannons*

We hope to see you at our final event, Hope Chest, on April 8th at Axis Pioneer Square and hope that you’ll continue with the spirit of giving directly to our beneficiaries, Dream Foundation and Mary’s Place.

With love and the deepest appreciation,

Your friends at Get HitchedGive Hope


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