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Flipped Out!


As an event planner, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to add a little swank to your soiree.  So imagine my glee when the GHGH team stumbled across Flipped Out Productions, and they agreed to participate in this year’s event.  Here’s the skinny….  Guests are invited to step behind a video camera and make a 7 second video clip of themselves having fun with props and signs.  During the video guests can dance, hold up signs, blow kisses, and just be themselves. In about a minute, Flipped Out Productions turns the video clip into a personalized 60 page business card size flipbook while everyone else watches.  To add a personal touch, they can also create custom graphic covers for your event’s flipbooks with wedding logos, names, dates, or anything your little heart desires.

So look for Flipped Out Productions at the event, I can’t wait to make a book with my GHGH gal pals!  A huge thanks to Flipped Out Productions!

Yours truly,

Shannon Lassen
aka “The Scene Queen”

August 14, 2009 - 1:11 am

Laurel - This is going to be ridiculously awesome, I’ve been practicing my “7 second dance…..” Is there a limit to the amount of times we can do it? or just till our wallets are empty??!!

October 1, 2009 - 2:37 am

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Charities We Love – Suit Yourself!


Alan & Sarah Hartgraves of Flint Men’s Grooming Salon over in Bellevue are two amazing people – they opened their doors not long ago and are already making a HUGE splash in the industry.

Eliza & I originally met them through a BNI friend (thank you Dr. Frank!) and fell in love with everything about them! Their passion not only for work but for their community! They are a huge supporter of Get Hitched Give Hope – having lost a dear friend very recently to breast cancer they have been wonderful enough to help us spread the word. Lets celebrate life while we have it!!

So when I got the email from Sarah that she & Alan are partnering to do a charity – I knew, they had to be first on the list of “Charities we Love” section of our blog!!

Thank you to Flint Men’s Grooming Salon for being such wonderful supporters – we wish you the best of luck in your event!

~ Barbie Hull

Read on to learn more about “Suit Yourself” (in Sarah’s words)

I wanted to share some information on a Community Outreach event that FLINT Men’s Grooming has partnered with Overlake Services League to bring to the Bellevue Community, called Suit Yourself.

“Suit Yourself” is a two part event, a Suit and Clothing Drive combined with a two-day complimentary event to assist unemployed men to get back into the workforce or make a career change. Flint Men’s Grooming is teaming up with Overlake Service League to provide men with gently used suits and apparel and mini makeovers (haircuts, hand details and shaves). Recruiters and local employers will be on-site during the two-day event to assist the men with employment opportunities. The final goal of the event is to instill confidence in the attendees to face the job market with a new suit or business attire, makeover, and job leads and advice from recruiters and potential employers.

Event Dates:

Clothing Drive: The Suit Drive will be held during the month of August with local businesses acting as drop off points for the suits and apparel.

Suit Yourself Event: A two-day event at Flint Men’s Grooming on Sunday, September 13 and Monday, September 14 for unemployed men in the community to come in and get “suited” with a local tailor, have a make over and be introduced to recruiters and potential employers.

So, I am asking each of you to spread the word about Suit Yourself. The only way to guarantee that this will be successful for our community, is with your help.

Please visit the website, or feel free to contact me directly if you would like additional information regarding this amazing event.

Thank you, and remember to be thankful for our everyday luxuries!

Sarah Hartgraves
Vice President/Co-Owner
FLINT Men’s Grooming

Get Hitched, Give Hope…the Recap 2008

Last year’s event was an incredible success. We raised $30,000 and had SO much fun doing it!


There was  so much going on – live music by Jason Parker Quartet, DJ mixed music by Brian Dale of Wavelength Music, cocktails & appetizers provided by The Arctic Club, a photo-booth by Kate McElwee, the event was hosted by the fabulous Brooke & Monti from the Ladies room, Mark from the Stokes Auction group was our amazing auctioneer (everyone loved him!), photos from the evening by Jeff LaPlante and BEST of all we raised $30,000 for Brides Against Breast Cancer & The Making Memories Foundation.

Here’s the amazing full-page write-up about the event in Seattle Metropolitan magazine:


You can also read more on the recap by clicking these links below – OR just google us (we are SO cool!)

Jeff LaPlante

NW Source – Alison Brownrigg

Divine Confections

Married & More with Michelle

Barbie Hull

Sweet Pea Events

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October 8, 2009 - 4:04 am

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Who We Are

It seems like all good ideas are hatched over a bottle of wine. In late 2007 a few of us wedding gals were sharing a bottle (or two) and a lightbulb materialized above our heads–“Wouldn’t it be great if we could make an event that would bring members of the local wedding community together AND raise money for a great cause?” It was a brand new idea–there was nothing like it in our area–and that’s how Get Hitched, Give Hope came about.

On October 23rd of 2008 we had our first event. It was a big fun swanky party where brides bid on things they needed for their weddings (flowers, cakes, photography, DJs, etc.) and helped us raise $30,000 for an incredible charity called the Making Memories Foundation.  The brides got some incredible deals–up to 70% off retail prices from some of Seattle’s most incredible wedding vendors.  (Ridiculous, right?!?)


Get Hitched, Give Hope is a 501(c)3 organization, and we maximize our fundraising by working on a 100% volunteer basis. Every auction item, raffle prize, and hour of behind-the-scenes work is donated by generous members of the wedding community. This year’s event is on October 29th at the amazing Dome Room at the Acrtic Club Hotel. Buy your tickets today and we’ll see you there!


October 1, 2009 - 2:00 am

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F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m
S e a r c h